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7 September, 2018

Fun Gift Idea For Your Veterinary Clinic

Veterinarians are superheroes for animal enthusiasts because they save their pets from harm, and they also give the services for animal rehabilitation.

If you have a veterinary clinic and thinking of promotional gifts for your customers, you may give them our dog bone fridge magnet. These are perfect giveaways because of their fun dog bone shape which can be displayed in their fridge. You can wish to customise the magnet by printing your clinic’s name or logo using our full-colour printing. Besides printing your name and log, you may also include your contact number and website, so if an emergency happens to their pets, they can immediately give you a call.

These fridge magnets are also perfect giveaways to attract customers during pet shows, it may serve as your business card if you wish to customise it with your contact number and clinic’s address, and you will surely gain customers with it.

Gifting our custom magnets is a good rapport building strategy, especially to your first-time customers.

The Personalised Magnets Team