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16 October, 2018

Solve The Jigsaw Puzzle To Promote Your Brand

If you’re still wondering about what gift should you get your customers, employees, and business partners for the coming holiday,  why not get them our magnetic jigsaw!

Our magnets are great giveaways anyone would love to take and have them displayed in their home or their office desks. If you have a toy store, kids will surely be grateful to receive our jigsaw magnet from you.

You may wish to customise the magnet by printing any artwork that you want including your brand and logo. The printing method is best with our full-colour print, so you can freely personalise it with any fun artwork as your way of sending your marketing message.

Our custom printed magnets are available in economical bulk orders so that more customers will be happy to receive it. They may play with it whenever they’re on a break and just killing time.

Solve the custom jigsaw puzzle to promote your brand!

The Personalised Magnets Team